ECH Land Surveying, LLC is a small-scale land surveying firm providing services in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. From boundary surveying to construction layout, ECH works with clients to provide timely and professional survey services. Throughout the United States, land surveyors are regulated by state-specific boards and are required to withheld professional standards and regulations. ECH holds these professional standards to the highest degree.

ECH is owned and managed by Eric Hillard, PS, who holds a professional survey license in Ohio and Pennsylvania. After earning a B.S. in Surveying Engineering from Penn State, Hillard immediately began working in the field to meet the four years of progressive experience necessary to become licensed. During this time, he worked on a wide variety of land surveying projects including large scale natural gas transmission, construction layout and boundary surveys.

ECH knows the importance of accuracy, responsiveness and efficiency, so we believe in using the most updated land surveying equipment and technology available. We also believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients, so being a small firm allows us to work one on one with clients to deliver personalized service and to quickly respond to any questions or concerns that may arise throughout the project.
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