About Land Surveying

Land surveying is one of the world’s oldest and most important professions. From the earliest of times, it has always been necessary to mark boundaries and divide land. Today, hiring a professional surveyor is common in many different transactions, such as buying or selling property, constructing improvements, settling disputes, or reconfiguring property. Surveyors use a variety of tools such as total stations and GPS/GNSS receivers to accurately measure the surface and render an opinion on the location of property lines.

Initial research to obtain the necessary recorded information of current property lines is completed online or at a county courthouse. The next step is for the surveyor to complete field work to both find and locate all existing monumentation. Using the information obtained from the reconnaissance trip and the information on record, the surveyor will perform an analysis to render an opinion on the property line location.
Using computer-aided drafting software, the surveyor produces a record map showing the monumentation found and creates a record of the survey work completed. A new legal description for the property can be produced when required, which can be provided to the client for filing with the appropriate recording department in their respective county.

Hiring a land surveyor can provide property owners or prospective property owners the information they need to protect their real estate interests.